Victoria Since 1899

Victoria was founded in Germany in 1899. The first products of the company were revolutionary repair products for the first air filled tires. Later on this was followed by other maintenance products for various applications in car and motorcycle racing. For many decades, the brand Victoria has a large and select group of loyal customers in the whole world. Due to its innovative nature Victoria continuously develops new products and ideas for the mobility industry. The latest novelty is a ready-to-use maintenance-set or box for all different types of transportation. There is a very sophisticated maintenance-set available for fans of the following means of transport:

  • Car / Old-timer
  • Motor boats / sailing yachts / Airplanes
  • Bicycle/road bike/mountain bike
  • Caravans/campers
  • Buses
  • Trucks
  • motorcycle

Every maintenance-set  or box is packed in the Traditional Victoria Metal Case.
A nice Travelling and Storage Bag to take the set with you is available on request.