Polierschwamm Set

The VICTORIA® Polishing Sponge-Set has been designed to satisfy the highest quality requirements as regards the professional and ambitious care of the inside and outside areas of your vehicle. The special polishing foam materials produced in Germany have been developed for the streak-free use of polishes, liquid waxes (e. g. paint sealings) as well as leather care products and are adapted to Victoria® care products. The surrounding handle strip allows a steady and clean operation.
Sponge yellow (hard): perfect for abrasive and polishing products
Sponge anthracite (soft): perfect for the application of liquid waxes and leather care products.
Area of application:

- All lacquered and uncoated surfaces
- Plastic and leather surfaces, even with structures or grainings
- Cars and motorbikes, caravans, trucks and marine sector, etc.

€ 13,17