The VICTORIA® Gloss No. 132 is an all-rounder for all varnished surfaces as well as glass, plastic and wood. The gloss cleans, nourishes and preserves in just one step. The treated areas regain their color brightness and a brilliant gloss which is free of streaks as well as their original smoothness. Fingerprints and small stains are removed quickly and easily. The treated parts are preserved in a water-repellent and stain-resistant way and protected from rapid and new pollution (lotus effect). Extremely easy to use. Previously applied polishes are not removed. Area of application: all varnished surfaces, plastics, glass, wood etc. of high-quality goods such as automobiles (inside and outside areas) and motorbikes, trucks and caravans, furniture, musical instruments etc. The Victoria Gloss is especially suitable for a rapid finish of exhibition goods during fairs or in presentation rooms as well as for a fast treatment of vehicles.

€ 20,95