Lackpolitur 250 ml

VICTORIA® Paint Polish No. 104 represents an extremely fine high-gloss polish on aluminium oxide base with an extremely fine grinding effect for the finish of pre-treated paints or paints which require a small amount of treatment, e.g. scratches caused in car washes as well as fine streaks. It removes traces from pre-polishing and grinding with grain size 3.000. It leaves a long lasting and durable shine without small scratches and holograms.
It is also ideal for treating plastic panels of roofs in convertible cars.   
The effective, silicone free high-gloss polish is repaintable and suitable for polishing machines!

Area of application:
cars and motorbikes, trucks and caravans, etc.
fresh OEM paints, even 2K paints
fresh repair paints, even 2K paints
modern, scratch-resistant paint systems

€ 20,28